$97.00 USD

The Right Way to Sell Fractional CMO Services

Next week, I'm hosting a 90-minute workshop for Mindshare members on how to package and deliver fractional CMO services.

I'll talk about things like:

  • How to harness growing demand for fractional CMO services 
  • How to define what fractional CMO will mean to you and your business
  • How to know whether to offer fractional CMO services at all
  • The risks and benefits of offering fractional CMO services
  • The differences between interim vs. fractional CMO—and which to use/when
  • Alternative forms of fractional marketing leadership roles
  • How to price fractional CMO services in relation to your other services 
  • How to manage and deliver your work without becoming a pseudo-employee
  • How to transition agency or freelance clients into fractional CMO clients 
  • How to transition fractional CMO services into advisory clients later on

And questions like:

  • Should you take an email address under your clients' domain?
  • Should you attend client events and work parties?
  • Should you put your client list on LinkedIn under your Experience?
  • Should you bill by the hour, day, week, or month?

And a lot more!